Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding Bells Part Deux

A number of people have suggested that I actually sit my ass down and write a book about my experiences in Paraguay. Some stories are just tooooo funny.... A great example of this would be the actual wedding... Rolando and Nancy (?) I'm pretty sure I could write a book just about that.

The day started off gray and warm meaning rain. I had made a hair appointment in my febil attempt at fitting in. However by midday I felt not just lazy but raindrops so that didnt happen. As usual we were running late. Rodi called his mom and she told him to be at the house, their's, at 6 for the shuttle to pick us up. That it was arriving AT SIX... and were we fighting again, she asked him. Of course we weren't, when was the last time we fought? (a while back) just slow asses.

We get to his house, after six, nearly running because of the rain. And nobody was ready. She had told Rodi 6 but the bus wouldnt be getting there till 7ish. He and I were dressed but drenched... Meaning that great hair do I didnt get but did myself was crap. And furthermore, I had gotten a hair cut on Friday and HATE my hair and how I did it for the wedding. At least his little brother was being pleasant, for once... (He spent the rest of the night calling Rodi a moron, almost getting into a physical fight with him, and moping in his chair... ). Now that he and I have basically no personal relationship what-so-ever (caused by a peeing couch incident and some lies he told his mom) I could already tell the wedding was going to be a blast... I really tried keeping a positive attitude...

What's great about any family are the comments... the your fat... your ugly or your stupid.... All masked in statements like you look like a rooster (to rodi about his hair). Or the dish at me about not ironing his shirt... (do I OWN an iron...NO! does it matter.. DOUBLE NO! hehe). I shrugged and said he looked fine. All these side comments are to be expected and to be honest I've grown to like them. Means that at some level I'm considered family.

What disappointed and frankly hurt my feelings was how I was treated by one of his cousins. Having spent a KICK ASS TIME in encarnacion with Victor last year, I was really excited to see Cindi again. To my dismay, she barely made the effort to say hi and then spent the evening trying to convince Rodrigo that he should dump me. I'm not kidding... in front of me, without respect, and very harshly. The snide looks reminded me of highschool... and what made it worse is that some of the other cousins seemed to jump on board. It became a joke to snap your fingers at Rodrigo (as if he was at my beacon call... those of you who know me or him or us... sigh...). It got so back that Rodri's mom called Cindi a malvata... (bad girl) but did not stop her from gossiping about us with Cindi while we danced. His dad finally yelled at her in the bus. EVERYBODY saw what was going on..... I cant help but relate this to my feelings about Paraguayan women and frankly his family.

Dont get me wrong, I am really lucky in that one of my best friends is Rodi's older brother. But what's sad is sometimes how family just does not get it. We come back from events like these and count the months till we move. And furthermore I think of my family, the men and women alike, who are so excited to meet Rodrigo some day. What I'm told is to ignore it, chalk it up to jealousy... all of it... but is that really an excuse?!?! My dad is jealous of Rodrigo but he would NEVER attack him... or say anything in front of him. What it really is is a lack of PERSONAL respect... and that's sadly not something that one lets go so easily. Luckily I'm not Paraguayan (aka confrontational) so I didnt yell at Cindi... but Rodrigo did... And frankly as my mom would point out, is it worth ruining your relationship with someone because of your own personal issues. (aka your own "issues" about monogamy, marriage and family... ) I'm not gonna lie, the women in the family that have the most problems with our relationship seem to have issues with theirs...

So what does a KTB do when reacting to sadness... she acts like a clown. (yea, I know third person.. deal with it...) So we danced... for hours.... laughing, joking, and having a great time.
And furthermore when we did get home and counted down the months, we found ourselves closer than before with a greater understanding of one another. Not only did he stand up for me but the conflict led to an almost all night discussion about family... his, mine... and what we might want for ours... If anything her plan... TOTALLY BACKFIRED... (that's what you get... explicative... ) That leaves katie laughing maniacally... MWUWUWUWUWUWhahahaWUWhAUha


erin said...

Awesome post. I felt like i was there. Absolute insanity. and let me just say, I'm not shocked that the rain kept you from going to get your hair done. You're so Paraguayan!

AventuraParaguaya said...

Thanks for posting Erin... I miss you!! And it's true with two cell chips, a love for tea, and lazy rainy days... who wouldnt want to be Paraguayan?!?!