Thursday, November 6, 2008

Erin blowing this pop stand... Part 2 de Election

I've been a little defunct of recent on the emails to friends and family. I even forgot the pop's b-day... how selfish and self involved one has to be to forget important days in the lives of your loved ones. I think the stress of trying to make things work down here and being very uncertain of my future. Luckily I've returned to that point of reaching out and asking for help from friends.

One of those friends happened to open my heart and my mind to not just new ideas and adventures but also brought me back to the reason I'm here. She would never take credit for any of that, nor do I think she even knows the type of impact she makes in people's lives. Sadly she went home on Tuesday but we hope to see her again in January!! I met Erin in my spanish class. She wont mind if I say that initially I wrote her off as one of THOSE people... you know with the bibles and the praying and stuff...hehe. Having the background I do, I tend to stray from believers and find good people of faith few and far between (if your reading this and are of faith and I know you... you're probably good... :-) However, my world is inverted and as I find myself in the "do gooders circle" I find myself SURROUNDED by people of faith, including Erin. Luckily she didnt beat me over the head with a bible but showed her faith through her kindness of spirit and goals. Everyone here should read her blog too (erinbelowzero in blogspot)... I've been luckier this time around with friends. And although they are fewer down south, they are better and stronger and lovely... GOOD LUCK ERIN!! And keep in touch! I'll miss our 10 mil lunches... and spa talks... hehehe

Time with Erin reminded me of the good friends that I made last time. Once again far and few between I cant tell you all how much I miss you. Especially Sierra, Laura, and Lara... all of us were very different and we all learned different and hard lessons but I miss and love you all!! I think of you often, especially when baking or cooking and most definitely when in Nemby. That being said, I am amazed at the strength of friendship over time and through distance. And although I can be quite sucky and self centered... I appreciate each and every one of you. Visiting must be in order and ELHO you'd better make it to the STL for thanksgiving :-) hehe... If life is about learning lessons and about the people that touch your lives, I have been lucky... THANK YOU!!

PS The elections make me a proud American. I feel like once again I can walk around with my head held up high... YAYAY!!

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erin said...

Kaite! I'm so honored by your blog!! jeje =) i promise to write more after this insane weekend (I have to write 6 papers for my grad class today before my weekend wedding madness begins). It's good to be home, and GREAT to have a new president!! Oh YEAH! We voted from Paraguay!