Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update January 22nd

Hey everybody sorry to keep ya in the dark. At first things were really depressing and so I didnt really feel up for writing and then everything was really exciting so I did not have time to write. Not only is my mother AWAKE but active. She understands everything!! Right now we are working on swallowing, strength in the left side (still no mobility there), and talking. She can sit on her own and has some good strength in her right arm. Things were really depressing, however, for a couple of days because my uncle had to get back to Nashville on Monday and although opening her eyes since sunday, she was not there and I felt very very alone. Then it was seriously an overnight thing (Tues to Wed) and she was there, ACTUALLY THERE!! We cried together and she was able to nod at me yes or no... Meaning she could share that she had HEARD us while out... my dad reading the newspaper... me reading to her... etc... SOOOOO COOOL!! I am soooo excited. We still have a long way and until I fully explained things to her today-- how we were told she might not wake up or get any better--she was a bit depressed about the left side. Now the doctors are fighting to get her back to where she was before the surgery. She is stil really really weak so my uncle and I are taking charge of her life... I'm just so happy I cant explain it and SOOO overwhelmed now with good news and hope... and all that needs to be done:-) But thank God for having things to do!!

I remember my dad saying something to me at a young age and I never really understood-- Your family will always be there no matter how hard you try to get rid of us. Very true... I went thousands of miles away and tried to find family in the worst places and what happened, God brought me home and showered me with love! ALSO a HUGE thank you to all those great, old, and valued friends that have sent messages, notes, letters, and called... you have no idea what it has meant to me. There were times where I thought I might break and then I got a text, or an email... and felt less alone. THANK YOU!! Keep praying... we still have a way to go! And I'll keep you updated!

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