Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Mother

On Friday my mother complained of chest pain and told me that she may have suffered from a heart attack. She called 911 and was rushed to the hospital. They moved her to the cardiac care unit at barnes downtown and started running tests. Kidney problems prevented them from running anything aggressive so it took till late yesterday for them to find out the problem was a tear in her aorta. Miraculously the tear was clotted with loose tissue/mucky debris from inside the artery and so instead of immediately bleeding out or within 24 hours, she had made it five days without any outward signs of problems. They moved her to cardiac ICU yesterday night and performed surgery this morning. However, the cardiac surgeon discovered more of a tear than was previously suspected. She was chilled till her heart stopped in order to put in a graft for most of her aorta and parts of three arteries leading to her brain. Meanwhile this gunk that saved her life may have floated to the brain and kidneys. We just wont know anything until she wakes up, which may or may not be tomorrow. They have warned me that there is a real possibility that she has had a stroke and that she too may need dialysis. I decided to go home and to get some sleep, recognizing that everything is out of my hands. I have been surrounded by family and friends and owe a lot to them for helping me through (especially Julye and Chuck). I write this message because I know there are people concerned. People who I have not called, who would want to know or even be there. I appologize for informing everyone this way but I honestly barely have the physical or emocional strength to eat or sleep. If you are not sure what to do, please pray or send good vibes. If you would like, call and leave a msg on my cell, drop an email or facebook msg. I cannot guarantee that I will answer or call back but well wishes are ALWAYS welcome. And I appologize in advance for my failure to notify some best friends, old friends, and family. I love you all very much!

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